Sunday, July 1, 2012

Rockstar Drum Set

Happy Sunday!  For living in Nashville my whole life, I’ve actually done a surprisingly few musically-themed cakes.  Aside from the very popular “Grammy Cake” as everyone calls it now and a groom’s cake, this week’s featured cake is the only other one I’ve made.

I created this cake for a little girl turning 8-years-old who thinks she’s a rockstar!  Her mom wanted to get her a drum cake for her birthday.  So, I sketched some ideas for her, and she picked the full drum set!   (I found out after I sent the sketches that the birthday girl HATES pink!  Oops!  So, we went teal for the actually cakes)

I made four 6” cakes and covered each one with fondant.  To really make the drums look dramatic, I painted some of the details with edible silver dust so they would really shine! 

The base drum in the middle is actually made out of rice crispy treats.  Cake would be much too soft to stand up like that, but the rice crispy treats are firm enough to hold up.

The cymbals are made from gumpaste, a sugar paste similar to fondant, but it dries rock hard.  The drum sticks are made from gumpaste too.  So everything is edible!

The cakes were a huge hit, but we ran into a little trouble on delivery….   I make sure all my cakes will fit in a standard residential refrigerator, but this family had a custom fridge built into their cabinets, and, unfortunately, the size was different.  So, it took a little, uh, rearranging (and some removing of the shelves in the door) to get it to fit.  There's never a dull moment!

 Happy eating!  Stay tuned next week for a from-scratch strawberry cake recipe that is AMAZING!  


  1. I'm planning on mimicking my boyfriends drumset for his birthday cake & this helped to much! Thanks! (:

    1. So glad I could help....Hope the cake is success!! If you take any pictures, send me one at Happy baking!

  2. <3 You are the best,thank you !

  3. Thank you - my hubby and I have just created a brilliant cake for our daughter's 21st based on your pictures and advice.