Sunday, July 31, 2011

Musical Groom's Cake

Happy Sunday everyone!  This week I topped 5000 page views from people all over the world!  When I started my blog on a whim earlier this year, I was just hoping a few friends and some family would look at it every once in a while.  I never expected this kind of response!  As a thank you, I’m giving away a cake…but you have to keep reading to figure out how to get a hold of this yumminess!

This week’s cake is the 2nd half of the Hornsby/Chanell wedding from last week.  The groom is a music major, so they wanted something musically-themed.  They sent a picture of a cake with piano keys, so I took that idea and created a design with piano keys on the bottom and a musical score on the top tier.

This cake also came with an added challenge: because of an allergy in the family, everything had to be egg free.  My usually cake, buttercream, and royal icing recipes all contain eggs, so this required some serious recipe testing in the weeks before the wedding.  I adapted my chocolate cake recipe to exclude eggs and the results were great!  I’ll be sharing the recipe next week!  For the icing, I made it without meringue powder and added a little extra powdered sugar for a little more stability. 

So once the egg-free cake were frosted with egg-free chocolate buttercream and covered with fondant (which thankfully is naturally eggless), it was time to start decorating!

I started by cutting out stripes of ivory and black fondant for the piano keys.

After those were laid on, I painted the music notes on the top tier.  When I met with Liz and Ben to design their cakes, we didn’t talk about any specific sheet music, but as I was beginning to paint, I thought it would be really cool to use an actual song and see if anyone recognized it J

I am happy to say that the groom noticed right away!

So here comes the challenge!  The first person to email me at with the correct song wins a cake!  It doesn’t count if you know me and I told you what it was already!  No cheating!

So put your thinking caps on and check out the cake:

The photographer for the wedding took come really cool shots of the cake as well.  This one shows another side of the cake, so it might help you determine the song.

I also really liked this picture: 

I never thought of taking picture of the inside of the cake…love it!

So, there you have it…email me at with your song guesses.  First person with right answer wins!

Fine print: Cake is an undecorated 9” round cake in either chocolate or vanilla with chocolate or vanilla buttercream.  Must be redeemed by Dec 31 2011.  Delivery within the Nashville area.

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