Sunday, January 23, 2011

Grammy Cake

Happy Sunday!  In this week’s post, I want to share with you one of my favorite cakes from last year.  I had the honor of making a cake for Grammy award-winning artist, Jason Crabb.  The client asked for something classy, with somewhat of a musical theme, and not too feminine, so we came up with the following design:

Every part of the cake was edible and made out of sugar.  Building the gramophone was probably the hardest part!  Even though gumpaste is very durable, it was pretty hard to come up with a design that would be hollow and stand up on its own!  Here, all the parts are ready to be assembled and painted:

The top tier of the cake was a fondant-covered styrofoam tier since they didn’t need all the cake servings.  The music notes are free-handed…no patterns.  Here it is waiting to go on top of the cake….

And now for the finished cake!

The party was at the Hermitage Hotel in downtown Nashville.  A beautiful location for a beautiful cake!


  1. did you accomplish the grammy award? I want to try to make something similar. Would you mind sharing? It's perfect! Thank you very much!
    Ann Marie

  2. yes please share I have to make this cake as well. Thank you , Taneka