Sunday, September 4, 2011

Superman Birthday Cake

Happy Sunday!  This week’s cake was a lot of fun to make because the “client” was a super-cute 5-year-old.  This little guy is a huge Superman fan, and he wanted me to make him a cake for his birthday.
I didn’t have much time to work on this particular cake, so I decided to a simple round birthday cake in blue, red, and yellow with the superman logo.  Normally I have to do some research on the designs my clients ask me to do, but this one didn't need any research...David loves to wear his Superman outfit all the time.
I started by frosting the cake with a light blue frosting….not too deep of a color or everyone’s mouth would turn completely blue!   

While the frosting was setting up, I cut the Superman logo out of yellow and red fondant.  (My countertops are completely ruined with various colors from all the fondant work I do.  It’s kind of interesting to see how the colors change each week as I work on a new project.  Oh, the hazards of cake decorating!)

I felt like the cake looked a little plain with just the Superman logo on top, so I added band of fondant around the bottom of the cake to resemble his utility belt. 

Once I added the rest of the details on the belt, it was perfect!

Here’s a shot of me and little Superman with the birthday cake!  We even had superman ice cream too! 
Have a great Labor Day!

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  1. This is so cute! You are amazing!