Sunday, August 28, 2011

Bon Voyage! Cake

Happy Sunday!

This week’s cake was for going away party for a friend’s sister who is joining the Peace Corps in the Dominican Republic for the next two years.  The original design was just going to be the Peace Corps logo on a sheet cake…

My friend and I thought that was b-o-r-i-n-g!   We were hoping for something a little more elaborate, so I suggested a topographical style map of the Dominican Republic with the Peace Corps logo on top of that.

I started by cutting out the basic shape of the Dominican Republic.  I know, it doesn’t look like much of anything at this point, but be patient, I still have to work my magic :)

I started by painting layers of ivory, light green, and dark green to differentiate the varying elevations of the country.   I’ll add some rivers and cities later on.

I baked a chocolate sheet cake, then frosted it with vanilla buttercream tinted a light sea blue.  I also swirled the icing a little bit to resemble waves in the ocean, instead of spreading it on completely smooth.

Once the cake was frosted, I laid the fondant “map” on top, then added the Peace Corps logo on top of that. 

The inscription on the cake is Spanish for “We’ll Miss You, Emily”.  I don’t speak Spanish, so I hope that’s what it said! 

 Emily made it safely to the Dominican Republic and is enjoying things so far!   

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