Sunday, September 18, 2011

Horse Birthday Cake

Happy Sunday!  I’m sitting in my kitchen with all the windows open enjoying a delicious lunch while typing my blog….Ah, life is good!  I’m loving this beautiful weather!
This week’s cake comes from way back in the dusty archives of cake pictures on my computer.  I had actually forgotten about it, it’s been so long ago!
The cake was for a friend’s daughter on her 7th birthday.  The little girl loves horses, so they asked for a horse-themed sheet cake for her party.
I started by sketching the horse design.  Sketching designs is actually one of my favorite parts of the cake process.  I love to put my ideas on paper, and then see them come to life in the cake.  Sometimes it takes a couple of tries before I get it right.

Then I used my sketch to cut the horse shape out of brown fondant.  I started with just the basic shape, then added some details later.

I have a special cake tool that I use to split cake layers so I can add a filling.  For larger cakes, a regular cake knife isn’t long enough to cut the cake all the way through.  So, I use a larger Wilton cake torter to slice the cakes in half horizontally.  Its not as easy as it looks though!

After a filled and frosted the cake, it was time to cover it in fondant….a very large piece of fondant! 

Once the cake was covered, I made a "rope" to go around the base of the cake, by rolling out stands of fondant and twisting them together.

O used the same technique to add the lettering.  That was very tedious!  Piping letters with icing is much easier, but I wanted to it match the rope on the bottom of the cake so I decided to use rolled fondant.

And the finished cake.....

I’m getting ready for a big wedding in two weeks, so check back over the next few weeks to see pictures of another amazing wedding cake!

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