Sunday, May 29, 2011

Ice Skate Birthday Cake

Happy Sunday! Hope you’re enjoying a three-day weekend!  This week’s cake is one I made almost a year ago and just found the pictures.   This cake was certainly a challenge to make, but it prepared me for the roller skate cake I made earlier this year.

I was asked to make a pair of white ice skates for a little girl who loves ice skating.  I thought about making the skates stand up, but given the number of servings they needed, I decided it was best to make them look like they were laying down.  Besides, I was sure I was up for that much of a challange!

Everything on this cake is totally edible!  The blades are made out of gumpaste and painted with edible silver paint.  Even the laces can be eaten…they are hand rolled and shaped.  Check out the detail on the end of the laces and the point of the blade!

Everyone raved about how tasty the cake was….in fact, I heard that the kids at the party even ate the blades!

Happy Memorial Day to all my readers!


  1. I am going to be making a roller skate cake for my daughters birthday in a few weeks and am somewhat newer to making carved cakes. Would you mind letting me know how you were able to make the skates overlap. Thanks so much!

    1. I made each skate separately, then "stacked" them like a wedding I used dowel rods for support under the top skate. Hope the helps! Happy baking!