Sunday, February 27, 2011

Roller Skate Birthday Cake

Happy Sunday everyone!  This week’s cake is my second “skate” cake.  The first was of a pair of ice skates (stay tuned to see it in a future post).  This time around, the request was for a white roller skate with HOT pink wheels!

Like most of my cakes, this one was chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream….a simple but delicious combination! 

I don't use special pans, so all these cakes are carved by hand into their shapes.  Since I have to start with a larger cake and cut it down, there are usually lots of scraps of cake leftover.  I like to use the extra bits of cake that get cut off to make another cake decorating secret: something we call “spackle”… don’t think of spackle you put on your walls though. J 

Cake spackle is a mixture of cake crumbs and icing … so think of those yummy cake truffles that are popping up everywhere now.  This cake and icing mixture goes over the buttercream before the cake gets covered with fondant.  Since its firmer than buttercream, and therefore holds its shape better, you can get a perfectly smooth look to your fondant without any bumps or blemishes.  Here is the cake with its spackle coat.  Every cake goes through an “ugly duckling” period before it turns into a beautiful work of art, so be patient…

After I covered the cake with fondant, I carved in all the details…

Every single stitch was pressed by hand…and there were a lot of stitches!

I painted on some additional details, then added the wheels, stopper, and laces:

As with all my cakes, everything is edible: the wheels are colored fondant, the laces are fondant, even the board is covered with marbled modeling chocolate to look like the wood floor of a roller skating rink!

Also, don’t forget to vote in my poll to decide what recipe to feature next.  Then check back next week to see step-by-step directions!


  1. The modeling chocolate flooring is a great idea!

  2. This is amazing, but definitely not for the amateur! How did you add the wheels TO the cake? I LOVE the cake spackling idea, and especially the board covered to look like the wood floor!

  3. I am attempting this tonight for my daughtrs birthday cake. I am an amateur! nervous, but I have made her a special cake every year and always set my self a challenge!