Sunday, May 8, 2011

Bowling Birthday Cake

Happy Sunday!  This week’s cake was for a super cute little boy who has gotten a different sports-themed cake for his birthday the last few years.  Last year’s theme was Auburn football and this year it was bowling.   The whole family gets dressed up for the theme too!

They didn’t have a specific design in mind this year so I made the cake in the shape of a bowling pin and made a little boy to look like him out of white chocolate clay.  The bowling balls are made from white chocolate clay too. 

The week I was working on this cake, the weather turned really warm.  So I had to adjust my recipe for white chocolate clay to make it firmer.  My original recipe worked just fine in the cooler months, but the first attempt at making the little boy just kept slowly slouching as the chocolate softened in the warm air.  Eventually, I found the right proportions. 

You can’t see it too well in the picture, but he’s wearing a cute little bowling shirt too!

This cake was a classic white cake with vanilla buttercream…simple but oh so yummy!

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