Sunday, August 26, 2012

Woodland Cupcakes ~ Part 3

Happy Sunday! This week's post is the last of the Woodland Cupcakes series!  In addition to the owl cupcakes and the robin's egg cupcakes, I also made some toadstool cupcakes.  I think these were my favorite!  They were just so cute!

The colors for the baby shower were brown, green, blue, and ivory.  So, I decided to make blue and brown 'shrooms sitting in green "grass" (icing).

I started by shaping the stems and caps of the toadstools out of colored fondant.

Once those had set up a little bit, I put them together with a little bit of royal icing and added the spots.

Aren't they great?  It looked a little like some Mario video game had descended upon my kitchen with all the toadstools sitting on the table!

Once the cupcakes were done, I piped a swirl of green icing in top and put a couple of toadstools in each one.

Too cute!

And here's the whole set...

Happy baking!

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