Sunday, August 5, 2012

Baby Shower Cakes

Happy Sunday!  There must be something in the water around here!  I’ve suddenly gotten several requests for baby shower cakes!

This week’s feature was for a small baby shower hosted by one of my former brides.  She wanted something cute and girly, and the colors were purple and green (which happen to by my favorite colors too!)  So I sketched a few designs: flowers, stripes, or polka dots with a little baby rattle and bow on top.

Like with all buttercream cakes, I started with the "crumb coat".  This first layer of icing is  usually pretty thin - you can even see some of the cake showing through in my picture:

The crumb coat seals in all the crumbs and evens out the sides of the cake so that the final coat of buttercream is perfectly smooth and white:

Now the cake was ready for decorating.  I made some green and purple fondant in a couple of different shades and cut out lots of dots, big and small.  Here's all my leftovers!

Finally I carefully placed all the dots on the cake and laid the rattle and bow on top.

The rattle and bow are handmade out of fondant too...the bow looks almost real, doesn't it :)   

Happy baking!

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