Sunday, June 12, 2011

Wedding Cake for Jen

Happy Sunday everyone! 

This week’s featured creation is a wedding cake I made for Jen and John Pardue in April.  The ceremony and reception were at Nashville City Club with a beautiful view of the city!

The wedding cake was small since they were also getting cupcakes to serve most of the guests.  The bride chose a simple but stunning design that fit the tone of the event perfectly.  It featured two tiers with a black ribbon around the center of each tier showcasing a beautiful brooch.

After the tiers were baked and assembled, I carefully covered each one with white fondant.  When working with square cakes, this part of the process takes some time as the edges need to look very crisp and clean. 

I like to use a tool called a fondant smoother for this; you can find them at most any craft store in the cake decorating section.  You can use just your hand to smooth the fondant, but the fondant smoother certainly makes it easier.  And you don’t have to worry about accidently sticking your finger in the fondant (but I wouldn’t know anything about that!)

Next I stacked the cakes, and piped what’s called a “bead border” around the base of the tiers.  This adds a finished edge around the cakes and also helps keep the cakes from moving around.  When I first started decorating cakes, piping a bead border was one of the hardest techniques for me to learn.  It looks so simple, but it’s really not!

I used modeling chocolate tinted black for the ribbon around the middle of the tier.  A pasta machine come in really handy to roll out the modeling chocolate (and fondant and gumpaste too).  It’s much easier than rolling it by hand and you can get a perfectly even thickness.  I pinched the edges of the ribbon to create “folds” like a gathered ribbon.

Adding the brooches from the bride was the finishing touch!

A shout out to my friend Brian for taking some great pics of the cake too:

Check back next week to see John's groom’s cake!

As always, post or email questions anytime!

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