Sunday, June 26, 2011

Making a portable "refrigerator"!

It is such a happy Sunday!!!  My plan for making a “refrigerator” to transport a cake worked perfectly!  Well, so far anyway...

To catch you up…  Next weekend I am making my cousin’s wedding cake.  No problem, right?  I mean that is what I do. 

Except that I’m used to delivering things in town.  This cake needs to make it to Indiana…a four hour drive in July heat.  Since my cakes and buttercream are made with real butter, that could spell disaster!  So, I decided to try and make a cake carrier that would cool the cake on the drive. 

I started with two 4’ by 8’ sheets of foam insulation board, a roll of duct tape, a box cutter, and a tape measure.  Dry ice will come later.

Here’s the plan…

I started by making a grid to go under the cake.  The dry ice will fit into each “chamber”. 

A board of insulation will then go on top with holes cut into the corners to let the cool air up without the dry ice coming in direct contact with the cake.  I don’t want it to get freezer burned!

The cake would then sit on the board and the other two sides will get duct taped together.

Finally a piece will get taped on top to seal everything in.

And it should arrive in Indiana in perfect condition!  Check back next week for pictures of the whole trip!


  1. Cute, Innocent MessengerJune 26, 2011 at 9:32 PM

    And let's not forget the cute, innocent messenger who brought the supplies!

  2. Ha ha! And my fantastic brother brought me all the supplies! Couldn't have done it without him!

  3. What a cool idea! It is really innovative of you, to make your own portable refrigerator to suit your custom needs.