Sunday, June 19, 2011

Mountain Bike Groom's Cake

Happy Sunday!  This week’s featured cake is the groom’s cake that went with Jen’s wedding cake from last week. John requested a mountain bike themed cake, so I sketched a few ideas for them:

John liked the one last one with the cake carved into the shape of terrain with hills and rocks.

I started by making the “shrubbery”… green fondant shaped into little blobs (very technical terms here) and snipped with scissors to give it a leafy texture.  After they set up, I went back and painted them a couple of different colors of green to highlight the texture.

To go along with the bushes, I sculpted several trees out of modeling chocolate.  I have several clay sculpting tools that I used to give the bark some texture (don’t worry, I only use them for cakes!)

Next I made the rocks from some white fondant.  To make fondant rocks, I roll out a piece of fondant about a half an inch thick and chop it up into irregular shapes with a large chef’s knife…simple but it looks exactly like rocks! 

I tossed the pieces with some black, green, and gray food coloring to give them some color.  My fingers got quite a bit of color as well!

While all the sugar work was drying, I worked on the cake itself.  I started with a half sheet cake, which a cut up into pieces to resemble the side of a mountain.  (Without the frosting, it just looked like a pile of cake)

But once all the detail were added, it really looked like a bike trail. Its hard to see everything in the picture though.  The trail is brown sugar and piped some extra grass and shrubs with green buttercream.

Next week I start constructing a portable cooling carrier for a wedding cake I’m driving to Indiana!  Four hours in a car in the middle of the summer spells disaster for cake made with real butter, but I have a plan!  I’ll post pictures of my contraption next week and stay tuned the following week to hear about the trip!


  1. One word: AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing this! I came across your site while searching for ideas for a dinosaur-themed birthday cake for my niece. Your design practically embodies the landscape I had in mind, and I LOVE your idea for making the rocks! (I had steeled myself to buy chocolate candy "rocks" - now I don't have to). Beautiful cake!

  3. Thanks Lisa! Good luck on your dinosaur cake! Its so much more fun to make things yourself than to buy them. Feel free to email me at if you have any questions. Happy Baking!