Monday, May 14, 2012

25th Anniversary Cake

Whew, its already a busy week and its only Monday evening!  I'm working on three different birthday cakes and a wedding cake this week!  So, be on the lookout for several fun blogs coming up....a Snoopy cake, an entire drum set made of cake (even a base drum and cymbals), a proposal cake (awww...), and the best strawberry cake recipe (made from real strawberries, no mixes or strawberry jello here).  Lots of work, but I love it!

Last weekend, I got to make another 25th wedding anniversary cake.  It was a simple, classic buttercream cake decorated with fresh pansies.  

The flavors in the cake were just a fresh...a buttery almond cake, filled with tangy orange curd, and frosted with vanilla buttercream...delicious!

I actually tried/made up a new recipe for the cake.  As the cake was baking (and I was peeking in the oven door, hoping that it would turn out since I made a double batch without testing it out first) I kept hearing my mom's voice in my head, "Never try out new recipes on clients."  Oops. :)  But, thankfully, the cake turned out beautifully!!  It had a perfect crumbs, delicate texture, and tasted great!  So, my gamble paid off this time, but I was a little worried for most of the baking time.

We planned to use pansies from their garden, which sounded like a great idea, until it started pouring down rain.  Luckily I got the cake inside without it getting too wet, but I can't say the same thing for me!  It was worth it though...the pansies were such a sophisticated choice.  I tried to arrange them so that the baby pansies trailed down the tiers.

Stay tuned for some more great cakes in the next few weeks...
As always, happy eating!