Sunday, April 29, 2012

Turning the big 1-0!

Happy Sunday!  I made this week's cake for a little girl I used to teach....well she might not want to me to refer to her as a "little girl"...she just turned 10 years old!  

The birthday girl asked for a pony cake, a pink pony cake to be precise.  Her mom sent me a picture of her pony, Timmy, 

so I thought I'd decorate the sides of the cake with ponies made out of white chocolate modeling chocolate, and write with pink buttercream.

I started with a simple, but delicious vanilla cake. 

While the cake baked, I shaped the ponies out of white chocolate.  

Then I trimmed the cake in pink buttercream, and added the white chocolate ponies to the sides of the cake. 


Happy Birthday, Elizabeth!

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