Sunday, April 17, 2011

Christian Louboutin Birthday Cake

Happy Sunday!  I hope you all had a wonderful week!  I’m excited to share another cake with you today….this particular cake was definitely one of my favorites to make, but also one of the most challenging.

The client asked for a cake reproduction of a pair of Christian Louboutin Studio 120’s.  I had always wanted to a do a shoe cake, and I was so excited about this one since I think the original shoes are fabulous!  Here’s a shot of the actual shoe.

Since a shoe is obviously hollow, I sketched out the following design with sugar shoes and a cake shoe box.  We made a few changes to the design after the initial sketch, but it’s pretty close.

Everything on the cake was completely edible: shoes, ribbon, and shoe box.  The actual cake didn’t take very long to create.  It was a simple rectangle cake, covered in fondant with a colored fondant strips.  The shoes however took almost an entire week to make.  I think I worked on them for almost 30 hours!

They are made from gumpaste which I dried on a homemade mold to get the right shape.   Then I hand-painted them black on top with the characteristic red sole on the bottom. 

The larger silver studs are edible silver balls and the smallest ones are hand piped in royal icing then painted with edible silver paint.

It took a lot of work, but the cake was beautiful in the end and everyone loved it! 

This week,
Live well,
 Laugh often,
And love much!


  1. how much do you charge for a cake like this?

  2. It all depends on how many it people it serves, but somewhere around $250 - $350. The sugar work for cakes like this takes a LONG time to get just so.

  3. Amazing... Love it! Where are you based?
    Would love you to showcase some work at a fashion Paris romance inspired event I'm hosting.