Sunday, October 23, 2011

Search Cross Groom's Cake

Happy Sunday!   It definitely felt like fall this week!  I catered another wedding yesterday (pictures to come next week), and it was another gorgeous fall wedding! 

This week, I’m showcasing the “Groom’s cake” that went with last week’s wedding cake.  Brian and Merrill are both very involved with Search, a Catholic youth retreat program, and they used the Search Cross on their invitations, so we decided to integrate that into the cake design as well.

The second cake was just a two tier version of their wedding cake, but without the flowers.

To make the Search Cross, I rolled out dark brown modeling chocolate and cut out the intricate cross pattern.

To make it look bronzed, I gently brushed the chocolate with something called “gold highlighter”.  Gold highlighter is on the really cool cake decorating products out there.  It is an edible dust actually made from 24k gold!  You can dust it on a design, like I did here.  Or you can mix it with alchol or lemon juice and paint it on for a brilliant gold look.  I used that technique on the Grammy Cake to make the Grammy award shiny gold.

Then I added a ribbon just like the wedding cake, and attached the Search Cross with a little bit of icing.  You can also see the dowel rods in the cake that will hold up the next layer.

I stacked this cake on site as well.  It was much quicker to assemble than the lasger four-tiered wedding cake though!

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